Howdy folks,

This short post is about the lessons that I have learned so far from my teachers (most of them being from books). Life has so much to give us, but we are never so keen to accept what live offers, we always want what we desire but not even for a moment we consider what the nature is giving us. Humans are rebellious by nature…


Compared to the giant tortoise’s average of 177 years, human life is short. Things always change. So be prepared to adapt. Fortunately, human beings are usually pretty good at that. The universe is indeed very, very big and sometimes scary, but the earth is very beautiful and not a bad place to be, provided we look after it better.

So let’s be like the Stoics. Remain confident and sensible. Be brave and resolute in adversity, because some days will undoubtedly be bad, or even awful.

Help those who are unfortunate. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (occasionally a pizza too J ). Take lots of exercises. Learn to play a musical instrument. Keep an open mind. Be adventurous but not foolhardy. Read lots. Join a reading group. Learn a foreign language. Appreciate what you can achieve. Everybody can learn how to draw. Believe in what you want, but try not to proselytize too much. Have a positive attitude to life. Know your religion. It’s better to be a disappointed optimist than a smug pessimist. Save energy and recycle. Be a good neighbor and a loyal friend.

Happy Learnings

Stay Blessed and Awesome



The Journey.


From my childhood I have heard this example that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Till that age it was just a theoretical step and was treated as such but recently I gave this theory a test, an experiment of a sort.

I have two problems with the statement that I needed to solve in order to mark the experiment as a success.

  • How to define the First step in any endeavor?
  • What about the Black hole after the first step?


On theoretical biases it is very easy to justify that take the first step but the practical version is difficult. How would I define the first step? Some of my teachers (including Books) have taught me that the first step to anything is “Just Showing Up”. To show up at the required place of work, If you are a writer, you show up at your desk, if you want to go to gym the first step in dressing up and showing up that the gym. I have applied this principle in almost everything I do but I’ve found it most useful in the personal stuff, like reading, going to gym, writing, gardening, attending lectures, and learning Arabic. But when the Business or the entrepreneurial side of things this principle wasn’t making a lot of sense.

Most of the times showing up and then planning what to do is not good for business, it makes it difficult for me and the people who are related to my business. So we can agree to this that before “Just showing up” we need to be pro-active and plan all the details and be willfully ready for a task. Our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions. We have to try to make a flawless plan about certain things on how we gather our information before the start of the project. We must see every little thing about the project that we can, before embarking on the journey, plan what needs to be done, what things are required, where are they available, how to get them. These all things come in being proactive. Time mastery is the essence of pro activeness.

Happy planning and Stay Blessed People :)




 Be polite and respectful.

Do the right thing

Keep your good name

Be fair in all your dealings.




 Howdy Awesome people!


I was thinking about what to write about, its being a busy week so finally I settled for…. Respect. And the Respect that I would be talking about today is the respect that you have for yourself. Did you ever feel like talking yourself for granted? Going with the flow and ignoring your needs. Well this is very common problem with people. The definition of respect has been forgotten or people just implement on a very low scale. It’s about time that we knew how to take yourselves important and how to respect our needs.


I met a man in his thirties, after talking to him for 15 minutes I got the impression that he was over ambitious. He was over exaggerating about his knowledge and the contacts that he has will different people. Well after some time I told him that it was time for me to go to gym so I must take leave. He laughed and said what would gym do? When you get in the money business there is no “gym shim”. This comment and the other comments that I heard from him over the 1 hour’s meeting really got me annoyed and also at the same time started thinking about life, as we know it.


I don’t blame him, the mindset that he told me is a typical mindset that most of the people have made these days. People Rate money the only priority in the world. They don’t think of any other stuff that will be able to contribute in their being. The argument is valid till one point that money is important is life but its not the Only thing in life. To achieve dreams one must have a nominal amount of capital to make things happen. But many people have all the money but their desires to live life have gone.


When you will respect yourself, you will feel the changes within you. You will start telling people that I have to go to the gym or a yoga center to take care of my body. I can’t have so many sweets all at once (this one is really difficult). I can’t have a meeting on Sunday’s because its my child’s birthday. Your health, Family, Intellect and Friends are Gift from God. Treat them as gifts and take care of them. It can be only done when we start respecting them as they are. Respecting the commitments we make with ourselves; taking time to master the craft of life. A simple change is needed, we need to be true with ourselves, and do we really respect ourselves?


Stay Blessed





The Law of Happiness.


While jogging I saw a very old man eating an ice cream and enjoying his time in the park. It made my wonder all through my jog that the joy of happiness is in such small things and yet people find it in all the big things, they keep on pursuing things that they become salve of, the statement is “If I get ____________ I will be happy”. But alas this statement never comes, man keeps on striving things for the happiness and in all this totally forgets to enjoy the moment and be happy at the current situation. The law of happiness is very simple, the person who strives for the happiness, gets it. But if a person strives for all the material things and thinks that they will give him some happiness then that’s the worst mistake a person can do. We are wired to experience happiness, but we keep on hitting the wrong buttons in our effort to turn our happiness on. The external circumstances or the martial things cannot bring us happiness it is something that has to be experienced from the inside. Studies have shown it again and again that the happiness levels between rich people and average-income people are not that different. Happiness can be learned and then like any other skill it can be crafted to perfection. Happy people are active not passive. The over all positive energy brings forth the perfect happiness in a man. But for happiness to happen you have to find the “push”. You have to overcome the entropy and lack of movement that has dominated you for so long. You have yo “do something”. So how will you do that..


  • Building deep relationships and community: happy people belong to a support group and have structured times of getting together with friends and family and nurturing those relationships.
  • They are involved in growth activities: they see coach or a consular or attend to some kind of growth group.
  • Pursuing Goals: Happy people have physical, financial, vocational, professional or other goals they’re working on.
  • Serving others: They have found meaningful ways to give their time and talents.
  • Nurturing a spiritual life: Happy people devote time to spiritual activities such as prayer, meditation and religious studies.
  • Exercising and stating healthy: These people have some sort of routine that they follow to stay active and pursue a healthy life style.
  • Practicing Gratitude: They regularly practice gratitude to God and others around them.
  • Pursuing activities they love: they find their passions and pursue them.
  • Stretching themselves: Another awesome trait of happy people is that they look for activities and goals that push them to be all they can be.
  • Resolving pain and conflicts: whether in relationships or in their own souls, happy people do not avoid problems but so what is necessary to heal them.


These concepts have been taken from the Happiness manifesto that I am currently writing. God willingly the due date in March 25th.

Stay Blessed and Awesome


The Power of Acknowledgements.


I have developed a Morning ritual of a sort, a part of it includes the study of a quote and then summarize it. Today I read a beautiful quote by Andery Hepburn.

“The best thing to hold onto in life, is each other”

I started to make me think that that life is all about the Human resource. Without humans there would be no need of marketing, finance, doctors or engineers. We often underestimate the power of human connections. We take humans for granted and don’t emphasize on the importance of the human connections. It is though connections that we make help people and let them help us. Connections play a vital role in all the evolution of things and also building strong relationships. While collecting and making connection with the new people we must have a filter, a Filter that will enable us to keep the positive people with us and exclude all the negative people away. Is this filter necessary? For me yes they are, I am trying to remove all the distractions from my life, If a TV season starts to get boring I stop watching it, If you think the Facebook/twitter is a big distraction they delete the account. Because distractions have a very negative role on our sub conscious and we become agitated very easily. Similarly while removing, the distractions, also try to remove the people who you think are not building the necessary relationships that you need with them. If they bring negativity to your life try to slowly remove them from your life only then you will be able to acknowledge positive people in your life. The positivity ratio should always to keep in your mind at the highest level. By being close to the positive one’s we will eventually be more positive our selves and all the negative things in our life will be slowly end.

No Task is done individually, people are always helping us in some way or another, some being our mentors and giving suggestions from the sidelines and some stepping forward and helping us honorably. A best selling book doesn’t become a best selling book by one person only, yes there is a writers ideas and all but to take that book to the best selling stage the work of publisher reviewer etc. that is very important. Whoever helps you be honest with them and appreciate them at that instant, give them the acknowledge that they deserve. This will make the other person happy and wanting to help you more. By acknowledgement you value the relationships and hold on to them, and then the bond becomes strong and strong. This is really what only is needed.

Ways of Increasing Motivation.


1. Clarity your ultimate Goal.

Running without a goal may demotivate anyone, having a goal in front and continuously knowing how much path have you covered to attain that will surely motivate you. This clarity of mind will give you enough strength to achieve it at nay cost and this zeal will keep on increasing your motivation, you just need to make sure that you keep on working and moving ahead towards your goal.


2. Do not try to prove Anything to Anyone. 

You need not to prove anything to anyone, your sincere efforts are for you and make sure that you work to achieve your goals in the place of impressing others, rather you need to impress yourself with hard work and sincerity beyond your limits and this will surprise you pleasantly.


3. Practice Sense Of Humour.

People those who are a serious type with grumpy faces are not able to mingle up with others, if you want to be successful, you need to mingle up with people of all walks of life and the best adhesive is the sense of humour. People around you will be looking to spend time with you if your sense of humour is good, this will also keep you on a lighter mood for the best results. one thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to accept people as they are, do not try to change them instantly, the law of nature is that they will change observing your personality on their own.


4. Be Ethical.

In all circumstances be ethical to take the side of honesty and truthfulness. With false feelings you may achieve false success, the long-term true success. Never be hazed with short-term achievements although short-term actions should lay the foundation stones of your long term success, respect your situation and condition to accept whatever has happened to you in a sense, Blaming God and others won’t help you at all, accepting the defeat and knowing the reasons to work upon the challenge will help you in succeeding for sure.


5. Believe in Yourself.

Believing in your abilities has been discussed in the chapter on abilities in this book; you need to thank God for the brain, body and blessings of life you have got. If you determine you can bring the change, surely can.

Big things coming up soon :)

Stay Blessed and Awesome

What is a Decision>


A decision may be defined as a choice made from available alternatives. But do you really think that the present alternatives are the only alternatives available or creativity can play a critical role?

The decisions are taken after considering all pros and cons. The pros and cons are the outcomes of the battle of head “head” and some only with the help of our heart, whereas the best decision can be taken on the basis of Balance Theory which suggests us the balanced way of decision making using the head and the heart equally.

Quadrant: 1: Flip of coin decisions.

In some cases decisions are taken by using lesser head and lesser heart and both the acceptability and the quality of the decision is very poor. If there are two things to choose from, flipping a coin choose one alternative and if there are more than two choices, rolling dice to get the answer without using head or heart will never produce best results. Rather it shows and proves that people not having the capacity to take decisions making take these types of decisions, which are not at all suitable for corporate or personal decisions.

2. Expert Decisions.

These decisions are generally taken by experts who most of the times use only Head and not the Heart when it comes to their area of expertise in taking decisions. These decisions no doubt are very high in quality but are quite low in acceptability.

3. Group Decisions.

On a lighter side, if you want to avoid any responsibility  in future for your decisions, let a group take a decision for you, where everybody is involved in decision making but nobody can be blamed for any mess-up in future. Emotional decisions are generally taken by groups and are quite high in acceptability but are low as far as quality of decision is concerned. A lot of heart is used and very less of head is used as the group psychology connects with heart with each other.

4. Ideal Decision:

An ideal decision is considered to be the best, where both the head and heart are used to its maximum potential. These types of decisions are not only high in quality but are very good in acceptability too. Our aim should be to take the ideal decision in most of the cases, a perfect combination of utilization of both head and heart is through not that easy but this way we not only look towards the quality and output of the decision but also ensure that it is accepted by everyone without any shadow of doubt.

Hope you make the right decisions :)

Stay Blessed and awesome.


The Art Of Over Looking.


“The art of being Wise is the art of knowing what to overlook”


It is often observed that the wisest of people will overlook almost anything that is not necessary. They would see and then pretend that they never saw it. It is a sacred art believe me. The person who doesn’t know the art of overlooking fills the brain with lots of unusual stuff, that makes it difficult for them to distinguish between what’s important and what is not. It is often seen that most people complain that they are feeling brain dead or they do find time to meditate or even if they do thoughts keep coming back to their minds. It is because the more unusual tasks that we store in our brain the more it recalls and works on it. The normal day is filled with every kinds of problems small and big, unexpected meetings coming up, to-do lists not been completed this all creates a bad image on one’s mind. To avoid this we must practice Overlooking of things. To focus on the important stuff and giving ample time for brain to rest.

Eckhart Tolle in “The Power of Now” explains that the more thoughts we put in our brain the more we occupy ourselves in past or future, but that has positive outcome. We must live in Now. There is no salvation in time. You cannot be free in the future. Presence is the key to freedom, so you only be free now.


The Art of over looking can be learned but as  every art it needs practice. I learned the art by the following rules.


  • Whenever telling people something always be ready for a Negative comment. Process how you can improve from it and then completely forget it. Like throw it away from your brain.
  • Try not to be a Messenger between two people. It will just give you more burdens nothing else.
  • When your employees do a mistake never from the start taking action. Stay clam, and think how you can convey the message in a tone that will not be hurtful.
  • The  think that immediately strikes to your mind as a unproductive task, leave it altogether.
  • Be kind to people and practice solitude.


Hope this helps to make you more awesome.

Stay Blessed





Productivity and Avoidance


I’m nice, really I am. But there are times when I hide. I just don’t want to engage… know what I mean? As I was sitting here in my office, a friend came online and I changed my Yahoo messenger to “invisible” and shrugged off the twinge of guilt I felt. It’s not that I didn’t want to chat, because ohhhh I do. It’s not even that I didn’t like this friend, because I do. It was that I was in the middle of something and I just didn’t want to be interrupted.

Be more productive by stepping away for a while.

Have you felt this way?   In this age of digital convenience, “crackberries” and instant messenging you can feel slightly overwhelmed and want to get away from it all. It’s no secret that these conveniences can make life more complicated and wreak havoc on your productivity. No fun. No fun at all. So, how can you boost your productivity using avoidance? Here’s a few tips:

  1. Step away from the IM: You know who you are, you are a voracious IM’er (and you just might be on my buddy list). You have a buddy list as long as your arm… not that there is anything wrong with that. But when you are on a deadline or trying to get stuff done, IM is a distraction so turn it off for a short while.
  2. Put your phone on silent mode. There’s this great invention we have, it’s called “voice mail”. It will be your friend and your assistant while you are getting work done.
  3. Your calendar is your friend. Be real about how much you can do in one day. Can you really get 37 tasks done in one day and still be sane at dinner time? Use your calendar, spread things out a bit and be sure you create some white space in there so you aren’t overwhelmed and want to hide away from the world.
  4. Don’t feel guilty. If you avoid people in the grocery store, use your caller ID to screen your calls or simply don’t pick up a call – you are not a bad person. You don’t have to be available 24 hours a day or 7 days a week. Save some time for yourself or you’ll be headed for disaster and then you won’t have anything to give anyone.


Opting for Optimism


Optimism will change your life. If you expect your life to be a living masterpiece you will be happier, live longer and have all that this magical world can offer. Researchers studied 99 young Harvard men for the effects of optimism. By the time the study was published in 1988, the cheerier individuals were less affected with serve illness than their pessimistic counterparts.

Optimism can be learned. Everyday, think deeply about all the good things you have in life. Everyone has something to be grateful for. The Difference between optimists and pessimist is that the former look for and find the good in everything. A pessimist always sees and remembers the bad. For example, an optimists looks back on the day and smiles at the kindness he received, the good meals he ate, the family he is fortunate enough to have been surrounded by and the good health that he has enjoyed. A pessimist sees none of this and the focuses on one or two challenges that may have appeared. He then concluded that this “was a bad day” and continues to brood over these minor difficulties for the rest of the day. In the wonderful little book, As a man thinkth, James Allen wrote: Let a man radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will affect in the material conditions of his life.

To be more optimistic one has to be more disciplined, one has to practice more and more optimistic things, start same. Be greatful for tiny things, start seeing good in small things, but everyday improve. Make a mental reminder that I have to be more optimistic today than I was yesterday. The more optimistic you are the more peaceful you will feel.

Good thoughts are guaranteed to lead sunny circumstances. Optimism is an essential condition for success. Resolve to curb your wandering mind and start the habit of positive thinking today! Make  certain that every word you say is a good one, every thought you think is an inspiring one and every act you take is an uplifting one.

Stay Blessed and Awesome